Aviation rules determine and regulate the procedure for the aviation of Ukraine in order to ensure flight safety and environmental safety.

Aviation regulations include:

– airworthiness standards of civil aircraft;

– norms of construction and serviceability of aerodromes and airports, regulatory systems for the use of airspace of Ukraine and air traffic services in Ukraine;

– rules for certification of civil aircraft, aerodromes, production of aircraft, the activities of operators, aviation personnel, the use of airways and local airlines;

– Rules for the registration of aircraft, aerodromes, airways and local airlines;

– standards and regulations in the field of environmental protection.


The aviation regulations also include regulations that govern:

– the procedure for the construction, maintenance and repair of airfields and airports;

– the procedure for training, retraining, advanced training of aviation personnel;

– the procedure for the creation, certification and registration of airlines, airlines, private firms and other organizations with the aim of using the airspace of Ukraine;

– the procedure for organizing, performing and ensuring flights;

– the procedure for the organization, implementation, maintenance and licensing of aviation work;

– the procedure for using the airspace of Ukraine, providing aeronautical information;

– the procedure for conducting search and rescue operations;

– the procedure for the implementation of environmental protection;

– the procedure for the supervision and control of safety;

procedure for conducting an internal investigation of aviation events;

– the procedure for implementing measures to protect aviation from acts of unlawful interference in its activities;

– the procedure for the implementation of aviation safety and its prevention;

– the procedure for organizing and performing test and off-route flights;

– The relationship between civil and state aviation.

Other regulatory acts that govern aviation activity and its safety also apply to aviation rules.

The aviation rules have a single structure, are contained in the Code of Aviation Rules of Ukraine and should not contradict the provisions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and its Annexes.

Aviation rules are enforced by the relevant state bodies of Ukraine and are subject to mandatory implementation by all users of the airspace of Ukraine and other legal or physical persons in part, as they apply, both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad, unless the laws of the host country provide otherwise.

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