What’s the same?

The whole document is a kind of official statement on the establishment of a specific standard for the standard normative document, marked by the law of Ukraine.

Before the turn of the day comrade:
1 Special self-defense.
2 Take care of a security officer.
3 Products of anti-burn treatment.
4 Tyutyunovi virobi.
5 Naftoproducts.
6 Service materials, products and constructions.
7 Zbroya vnnepalnaya mislivska that is sports, I’m getting cold I’m similar to the design and design of virobi for firing and playing.
8 Electric transport.

There is a need for memory, especially in terms of products, vimogs are, to a certain extent, significant for health and life of people, in accordance with technical regulations. With the help of a certified teller, an importer can undergo the procedure of voluntary certification.

What will you give the procedure for voluntary certification?

– Render documentary presentation of your product document, until it is completely prepared;
– demonstrate safety of products as a result of a competent and expert evaluation;
– Guaranteed to vibrate the goods, which are in the world of goods and clothes in clothes and bezel-less;
– promote competitiveness;
– participation in tenders and state purchases;
– To dobovit dovіru z side well.

Certification Center, first and second service, certified products (revised certification), deceased declaration of technical regulations, laboratory testing

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