How often have you experienced due to the fact that your employee “spoiled” a new product in the assortment of the company, forgot to issue a certificate or did not know about the need to issue other permits for this type of product?
Your company has implemented management systems (ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 … or other systems) and professional and experienced support is required for efficient documentation management and continuous improvement of the implemented system.
Are you sure you want to overpay the employee or the entire certification department: pay salaries, pay sick leave, equip the workplace (s)?
How much do you spend on average for a certification officer? Salaries from 10,000 UAH / month, taxes 13%, purchase of consumables for office equipment from 1,000 UAH / month, plus one, another, third … Is that familiar?
By submitting certification work to us, after 4 months, according to the most conservative estimates, you can afford an extraordinary vacation by the sea!
Or invest the money saved in the development of your enterprise, for example, in an advertising campaign, reward employees of other departments who have distinguished themselves with a bonus, purchase new equipment, etc.

What is outsourcing? What is required of you, what do we promise?

Everything is very simple: you are required once a month to provide us with information about the assortment of goods and, if necessary, issue certificates, the documents requested by us (technical documents for production, contracts for the supply of products).

Support for already implemented management systems: quality, environment, safety and health, food safety. Preparation of relevant documents for management systems (friendly, experienced, professional auditors). Preparation of the enterprise for external audits by certification bodies, regulatory organizations, supplier audits.

We undertake to promptly and accurately inform you of the results of our inspections (if necessary, issuing certificates for a particular new product in the assortment, according to the validity period of certificates issued earlier), it is guaranteed to draw up any documents from the list of services provided by us on time. In other words, we do all the work for several full-time employees.

Everything is very simple, you are required to:
Sign an agreement with our company and determine a scheme of work to support the existing management system by our competent specialists.

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