All products sold on the territory of the European Union must be CE marked. That is, if your product does not have this marking, the path to the EU countries is closed to you.
The specialists of our company will provide you with complete information on the design of the CE certificate of conformity.

CE certificate – a document confirming the full compliance of products with European requirements and standards.
The main requirement that is imposed on products delivered to the territory of the European Union is its complete safety and harmlessness to people and the environment.

Product safety requirements are laid down in the relevant EU Directives and are specified in harmonized European and international standards.
It should be noted that the certificate of conformity obtained in one of the countries of the European Union will be valid in all countries of the European Community.
The procedure for assessing product conformity implies that the Applicant must go through a certain procedure for preparing, submitting documents and obtaining the appropriate CE certificate and subsequently applying CE marking on products.

Registration of the CE certificate includes the following steps:

– preparation of a set of evidence-based documentation (technical file) for products;
– preparation of applications for certification procedures;
– Submission of a package of documents to an independent accredited body;
– conducting tests in an accredited laboratory to establish appropriate product characteristics to established European standards of quality and safety;
– registration of test reports;
– a visit to production, in order to certify the production conditions to the standards required by European standards;
– registration of CE certificate;
– product labeling with the CE mark.
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