ISO 45001:2018

Why should ISO 45001 be implemented in the company?

An ISO 45001-based management system will enable the company to improve its safety and health performance by:
1) development and implementation of policies and goals in the field of safety and health;
2) the creation of systematic processes in the company, taking into account its “context” and taking into account its risks and opportunities, as well as its legal and other requirements.

Identify hazards and risks in the field of hygiene, safety and health related to its activities in order to minimize their potential consequences.

What will the introduction of ISO 45001 bring to the company?

Taken together, these measures will enhance the company’s reputation as a safe place of work and may have more direct benefits, such as:

1) raising awareness of the risks in the area of hygiene, safety and occupational safety by company personnel;
2) Involvement of personnel in an active role in safety and health issues in the company.
3) improving the company’s ability to respond to issues of compliance with regulatory and legal requirements in the field of occupational safety;
4) reduction of total incident costs;
5) reduction of downtime and costs associated with disruption of work;
6) reducing the value of insurance premiums;
7) reducing the number of absenteeism and turnover in the company.

Competitive advantages with the implementation of the international standard ISO 45001 in the field of hygiene, safety and health – a positive impact on the reputation of the company and customers who are concerned about their social obligations.

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