A letter of exemption is a document that contains information that products are not subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine. Exemption letters are divided into two types – the exemption letter intended for trade and the exemption letter for customs, that is, for customs clearance of goods. In principle, the content of the letters is no different, but the customs authorities accept as a regulatory document only letters issued by accredited and authorized certification bodies of Ukraine, and any accredited certification body can issue an explanatory letter for trade.

A special letterhead is not required to draw up a letter of refusal; this document is drawn up on the letterhead of the certification body and is sealed with the seal of the certification body. The term of validity of a letter of refusal is limited to one year, since the nomenclature of products subject to mandatory certification changes once a year, and if some products are not subject to mandatory certification, then after a year this product can be added to the list of goods subject to mandatory certification.

So, a little more detail about why these letters are drawn up

For trade, this document is usually required in cases where the product is not subject to mandatory certification and the seller, as an explanatory document for regulatory authorities and buyers, presents a letter stating that a product is not subject to mandatory certification.

The situation with the customs authorities is a little different, because the customs, as well as the certification authorities, have a range of products subject to mandatory certification, and it would seem why to issue an explanatory letter if everything is already so clear … but in practice very often arise Disputes regarding certification issues. The fact is that the customs authorities have nomenclature broken down according to the UKT ZED codes. Sometimes the UKT ZED code is not correctly assigned from the very beginning according to the product itself and the customs, when checking the goods according to the UKT ZED code, requires a certificate of conformity, and if you check the products according to the current nomenclature according to the DKPP codes (state classifier of industrial products), it turns out that this type not subject to mandatory certification. In such cases, for the settlement of disputes, an explanatory letter of the certification body is drawn up.

But other situations arise, for example, when a consignment of goods or equipment intended for advertising purposes in a single copy (one T-shirt, umbrella, bag, etc.) arrived from abroad, and according to the nomenclature, a certificate of conformity and sanitary epidemiological conclusion. But in most such cases, the total cost of a consignment of such goods is much less than the cost of certification, and in this case it is advisable to dispense with a letter of refusal, however, in practice, each situation is considered individually

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